Portability in the Housing Choice Voucher Program 

You have received a Housing Choice Voucher from the North Adams Housing Authority.  If you have been a resident of or have worked in the State of Massachusetts for the last twelve months or more, you may use your Voucher anywhere in the United States where a Section 8 program is administered.  If you have lived or worked in this state for less than a year you must use your voucher in Massachusetts until this residency requirement if fulfilled or until the expiration of any initial lease term, whichever is later.  You must, however, be income eligible in the area in which you wish to reside.

To utilize your voucher outside of this community you must contact a housing agency that administers a Section 8 program in the area of your housing search.  We will provide this agency with all the necessary documentation.  They will assist you with your housing search, advise you of the maximum subsidy allowed, guide you through all the steps to lease-up and administer your subsidy for as long as you remain in their area of administration.